Transit: A figure is as a figure of

A quadraphonic piece that is comprised of a specific composition using organic recordings arranged according to a graphic spectral score. The premise of the piece is traversion, through an arrangement of textures and tones. It has fixed points of duration and movements with an intention of spatialization through passing fragments that travel speaker to speaker whilst incorporating low frequencies via two subwoofers. The high tones travel in patterns, and the lower end of spectrum rests in a certain stasis to generate a sense of physical resonance - thereby bringing emphasis to a middle range that is absent to a degree in frequency but experienced as a sort of phantom intensity. The aesthetic to meant to convey a horizontal journey that evolves within the piece with crescendos that punctuate, the sonic image is of the sacred vessel that contains the arcane universe but can only be seen from one perspective at a time. For this I incorporate the formal decision of one light source, the natural pure light of one window.

2 prepared reel to reels (2 Nagras, 1 Teac), two frequency generators, 4 directional speakers, 2 subwoofers, and graphic intuitive score


In (the limbs) of letters, not the bellows

In (the limbs) of letters, not the bellows, was commissioned as part of ISSUE’s Artist-In-Residence program. A series of texts written by artist served as the sonic foundation of this live solo multi-channel voice, electronic and acoustic instrumental piece. A narrative of fragments, with phrases as utterances, comprised the displaced speech which was reduced to le grain in an evolving audial series that became more reductive as the days progressed. These sonic lines circulated and reflected within the space as the artist executed a progressive excising of the material, a cutting away at the heard contents' contextual constructs. These absences left other possibilities for associations with what is now audible and what is absent.


The Starry Garter: A Certain Point Within a Sphere

Composed during Friedberg's residency at the Clocktower Gallery, The Starry Garter: A Certain Point Within a Sphere is a sonic poem for radio that combines elements of sound art, radio theater, film, and music to examine themes of transmutation and redemption.

Friedberg’s work is based on Etidorhpa, or, the end of the earth: the strange history of a mysterious being and the account of a remarkable journey, the tale of an unknown man’s quest into the center of the earth, which divulges arcane secrets in a process of initiation, and reveals a journey to an ethereal plane of non-material existence. Following Etidorhpa’s narrative arc, Starry Garter updates traditional radio theater by emphasizing the text’s sonic elements with atomized dialog, an electro-acoustic process, and interludes of acoustic cello, piano, and chorus.

The live performance of The Starry Garter transforms this 19th Century hermetic tale into an aural soundscape further textured by effects generated by vintage foley work (old-fashioned, handmade radio sound effects).

The Starry Garter.jpg

Points Radiants

Commissioned by the Ministère de la Culture in Paris, France, the Points Radiants composition was performed at the Palais Royal. This piece was influenced in execution by the French électroacoustique tradition of using organic sounds in a collage of reassigned sounds, or musique concrète. The work refers to the rich history of the Palais Royal itself, once inhabited by many artists, intellectuals and nobles. Using a combination of archival material and field recordings of the gardens and structure, Points Radiants is an assemblage to evoke the grandeur and presence of the inhabitants, as well as a certain combination of presence and silence, of antiquity and the present, that exits there. The solo performance was intended to resonate in a structure that also houses the contemporary Daniel Buren sculpture series. The outdoor performance presented a certain French phraseology and tonal quality that would be more lilting, attempting to present something site-specific and non obtrusive – much like a conversation that might occur in the garden, but with rare references and vanquished/extinct sounds.

¼ “ and ½” magnetic tape, digital transfer 

Palais Royal.jpg
Sabisha Friedberg_Ministère de la Culture_ Palais Royal_Paris_DSC0312.JPG