Points Radiants

Commissioned by the Ministère de la Culture in Paris, France, the Points Radiants composition was performed at the Palais Royal. This piece was influenced in execution by the French électroacoustique tradition of using organic sounds in a collage of reassigned sounds, or musique concrète. The work refers to the rich history of the Palais Royal itself, once inhabited by many artists, intellectuals and nobles. Using a combination of archival material and field recordings of the gardens and structure, Points Radiants is an assemblage to evoke the grandeur and presence of the inhabitants, as well as a certain combination of presence and silence, of antiquity and the present, that exits there. The solo performance was intended to resonate in a structure that also houses the contemporary Daniel Buren sculpture series. The outdoor performance presented a certain French phraseology and tonal quality that would be more lilting, attempting to present something site-specific and non obtrusive – much like a conversation that might occur in the garden, but with rare references and vanquished/extinct sounds.

¼ “ and ½” magnetic tape, digital transfer 

Palais Royal.jpg
Sabisha Friedberg_Ministère de la Culture_ Palais Royal_Paris_DSC0312.JPG