Vernier Thread

This piece, an octophonic installation/performance, is inspired by the concept of cyclical and ever evolving generation, conceived as a step towards my using real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, such as SuperCollider. The analogue sources are used to emulate or perhaps be pushed to a certain organizational and experimental capacity, as an evolution of understanding these programming languages. From classical fine arts training, I tend to want to begin with something formal, precise or fundamental, and expand upon this conceptually and aesthetically. There is the thematic presence of the number 8, in configuration and with that which comprises the piece. This aspect is unsaid but informs the organization of the elements, this idea of infinity being incorporated so that after I have left the piece and the audible sound has abated, the figures of this symbol act as sonic vanishing points – the idea of a sound continuum One halogen film light, one white film screen that backlights the listener/visitors. 

2 frequency generators, Akai DD8, Teac reel to reel, 8 directional speakers in a semi circle, one film light

Vernier Thread.jpg