The Hant Variance

The double LP The Hant Variance was recorded at EMPAC with Peter Edwards in a custom-tuned environment using advanced multi-channel recording techniques to capture a configuration of spatialized sound sources. Combining granular synthesis, analogue synthesizers, tone oscillators and field recordings, the composition is comprised of three movements. The low-end bass, which was recorded live with a subwoofer configuration that allowed for rapid directional shifts, serves as a sonic armature for the piece. Sustained pure tones shift minimally and the allocation of sound engenders a sense of aural disorientation. This landscape, with the premise of summoning a new phantom or haunted sonic space, exists in an interstitial, albeit present zone.

A live mix of the third and final movement of The Hant Variance was performed as a quadraphonic experiential piece. This finale, the most symphonic in it construction and melancholic in its tonality, is the resolution to the first two movements, released by ISSUE Project Room as a double LP, The Hant Variance, in February 2015.

The Hant Variance  vinyl LP cover

The Hant Variance vinyl LP cover

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